Choosing a Musical Instrument For Your Child – A Parents’ Guide to Woodwinds

April 17, 2013 by Admin

Many people find themselves thrown into the world of musical instruments they know nothing about when their children first begin music at school. Knowing the basics of good instrument construction, materials, and choosing a good store in which to rent or buy these instruments is extremely important. So what process should a parent follow to make the best choices for their child?

Clearly the first step is to choose an instrument. Let your child have their choice. Kids don’t make very many big decisions about their life, and this is a big one that can be very empowering. I can also say from personal experience that kids have a natural intuition about what is good for them. Ultimately, my strongest advice is to put a child into a room to try no more than 3-5 different choices, and let them make their choice based on the sound they like best. For more Parent guidance tips and advice please visit

How To Teach A Child To Read – First Step To Teach A Child To Read

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A 3 minutes and 27 seconds video clip about How To Teach A Child To Read – First Step To Teach A Child To Read.

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Learning To Walk – A Child’s First Steps

April 15, 2014 by Admin

By Emma Darling

Children will begin walking at some point before they’re two. Everyone takes walking for granted because they find it so easy to do, but it’s a really tricky concept to grasp for a child, and babies stand no chance of walking until they can even contemplate the colours of the rainbow, which takes a few weeks at least.

Initially babies are unable to bend their legs by themselves, and they end up when being held with their legs out on people’s chests or on their knees almost supporting them, but more acting as redundant limbs that aren’t used. The next stage is for babies to get to grips with having legs and then actually being to bend them themselves. This is revolutionary to all parents, and babies are soon able to stand up when holding onto something for support. At this point in life babies frequently forget how to bend their legs though, and end up stuck standing somewhere they don’t’ want to be, like in their cot.

Soon after this, babies will begin to try to walk, shimmying around a room by holding onto the furniture, making daring leans over to other pieces as they go. Some children will show signs of walking on their own here, but most will drop to the ground and start crawling if they have to walk unsupported, as they aren’t confident enough yet.

To build up a child’s confidence parents can begin holding both of their hands and walking them around everywhere they go. This increases the muscle in a child’s legs, giving them more confidence in themselves when they try to walk unaided, but also allowing them more time walking in general, which is highly enjoyable at that age.

When a child does finally take their first few steps on their own without assistance it’s marvellous. Everyone loves to see a child tottering around on their own, and parents are always so proud of them when they do finally walk for themselves. As time goes on, children will become more confident in walking and do more by themselves, often ending up in different parts of the house to their parents. From here things get increasingly interesting as children begin to climb and do all sorts of things without their parents even realising.

Helping a child learn to walk is tricky because no one knows exactly what they need to start walking. Encouraging them in every way possible is advisable, but more than anything giving them the opportunities to try walking on their own will help them build the muscles and confidence needed to walk by themselves.

For children, learning to walk is a big thing, as Emma Darling knows all too well. Companies like Dorothy and Theodore blog on these subjects all the time, and one of these helped Emma to encourage her daughters more when they were learning to walk.

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A Child’s First Steps And Sleep Changes – First Year Touchpoints

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A 1 minute and 37 seconds video clip about A Child’s First Steps And Sleep Changes – First Year Touchpoints by Joshua Sparrow.

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