Choosing a Musical Instrument For Your Child – A Parents’ Guide to Woodwinds

April 17, 2013 by Admin

Many people find themselves thrown into the world of musical instruments they know nothing about when their children first begin music at school. Knowing the basics of good instrument construction, materials, and choosing a good store in which to rent or buy these instruments is extremely important. So what process should a parent follow to make the best choices for their child?

Clearly the first step is to choose an instrument. Let your child have their choice. Kids don’t make very many big decisions about their life, and this is a big one that can be very empowering. I can also say from personal experience that kids have a natural intuition about what is good for them. Ultimately, my strongest advice is to put a child into a room to try no more than 3-5 different choices, and let them make their choice based on the sound they like best. For more Parent guidance tips and advice please visit

Tips For Teaching Kids Emotional Control – Elizabeth Pantley, Parent Educator

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A 59 seconds video clip about Tips For Teaching Kids Emotional Control – Elizabeth Pantley, Parent Educator.

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Teaching Kids Discipline – It’s Easier If You Start Early

September 29, 2014 by Admin

by Belinda Nelson

Teaching kids discipline needs to begin in the early stages of life. It is important for their development and success in life. Even adults find it difficult to manage their temper and exercise self-discipline sometimes. You will be your child’s role model and they will look to you for guidance, it is imperative that you teach them how to behave and control themselves.

As a parent this may be your most difficult challenge in the early years of your child’s life. You don’t want your child to dislike you and it is hard to listen when they tell you that you are mean. But, your child must learn what is expected of them and what acceptable behavior is.

Depriving your children of this valuable skill could cause them and you a lot of embarrassment. You might find it difficult to be firm in your teachings but you will be doing your child a great wrong if you do not teach them discipline.

Often times it seems that parents are just waiting for their child to grow up and do not want to enforce any values or discipline. I have talked to many parents about this issue and some of them have told me they feel guilty when they enforce values and discipline on their children. Some have told me they regret not teaching discipline early in life but, they thought that when the child got a little older they would just know how to behave. Let me tell you that children expect these things from you, the parent. When a child does not learn how to behave at home it can make their life more difficult as they become older, more sociable and enter school.

Teaching children discipline is not a punishment, it is a critical part of their healthy development. The child will learn right from wrong and you will be enforcing the knowledge that their behavior has consequences. It will teach them that good behavior has positive consequences and negative behavior brings unwanted consequences. This skill will protect your child from dangerous situations in the future.

From the beginning it is crucial that you are consistent with your teachings and expectations. Once a child’s behavior is out of control it will be very difficult to turn it around. For a child, any type of attention from their parents is the goal; it does not matter whether it is positive or negative. If the best way to get your attention is to be naughty then that is what they will need to do, even if it means being yelled at or spanked.

Teaching kids discipline and self control is not as hard as you might think. In fact the earlier you start teaching these valuable lessons the easier it is. Putting it off will make it much more difficult for you and your child.

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Facebook for kids – Parents Guide

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A 12 minutes and 17 seconds video clip about Facebook for kids – Parents Guide.

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